Fabrianne Morales


Fabrianne Morales (b. 1987) is a Manila-based eccentric pocket-sized arts professional who champions fresh and emerging visual artists that have established their own distinct visual styles. As a contemporary art curator, her curatorial practice explores themes relating to artists’ introspection, individuality, and attempts to demystify their artistic processes. She curated and programmed exhibitions with over 100 artists both in visual and performance art—1111, Alfonso Recto, Bea Policarpio, Chino Carlo, Fitz Herrera, Ted Peñaflor, Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo, Jack Mernin, and Nasser Lubay amongst others.

Her engagement with Kanto Artist-Run Space, TIU Theater, and ASPACE further involved her in art community work, content creation, and projects across multi-art forms. Since 2014, she has worked on collaborations with GMA TV's Good News, Tokyo-based kumi-daiko artists Utsuwa, New York-formed Filipino artist collective Barangay Bois, founder of VS Mode Art Battle, Piaget Martelino, and Taiwanese artistic director and founder of Co-coism, Chang Kang-Hua.

She is a co-founder and the chief curator of art startup Arts Talk PH, and the in-house art curator, editor, and art world liaison of London-based fine art supplies brand ZenART. She specializes in contemporary abstract art, wears black every day and when she's not creating buzz or curating and saturating in art, still dreams of becoming a Wes Anderson film character.

...don't you just sometimes feel funny writing about yourself in the 3rd person? :)

Curatorial and Creative Interests

Study of artists' practices and creative processes
Contemporary abstract art
Visual storytelling
Live painting performance art
Art event planning and execution
Online-based exhibitions

Abridged CV

Education and Continuing Studies

(2021-Present) Postgraduate, International Curatorial Program, Node Center for Curatorial Studies, Berlin, Germany

(2018) Interdisciplinary Collaborations in Art and Music, Austrian Embassy, Makati, Philippines

(2005-2010) Bachelor of Science, Double Major, International Business Management and Entrepreneurship, San Beda University, Manila, Philippines

Art Industry Experience

(Sep 2021 - Present) Founder and Chief Curator, FM Abstract. Makati, Philippines

(Oct 2020 - Present) Ambassador of Art Buzz, ZenART Supplies. London, UK

(May 2020 - Present) Co-founder and Chief Curator, Arts Talk PH. Mandaluyong, Philippines

(Nov 2018 - Aug 2020) Arts Program Director, ASPACE Philippines. Makati, Philippines

(Mar 2017 - Oct 2018) Arts Administrator and Curator, Kanto Artist-Run Space + TIU Theater. Makati, Philippines

(June 2010 - Dec 2016) — Freelance Arts Administrator, Art Instructor and Visual Artist

Digital Snippets of Selected Curatorial Projects

2020 Electric Youth (Art curator)

2020 Hindsight is 20/20 (Art curator)

2019 An Unconventional Live Art Battle in Makati (Art curator, producer)

2019 Swardspeak (Art curator, producer)

2019 Perceptible (Art curator, producer)

2019 Sum of Our Parts (Art curator, curator)

2019 — Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo for Introspective Playground (Art curator, producer)

2018 Jack Mernin for Lansgage (Art curator, producer)

2018 Humbly for Mutant Upgrade | Mutant Upgrade Exhibit Opening (Art curator, producer)

2018 Bibi Belgica for Incubation (Producer)

2018 1111 for Shadow Work (Art curator, producer)

2018 Bon Labora, Renato Andres for Pusang Gala (Producer)

2018 VS Mode All Women Art Battle (Art curator, producer)

2018 Imagined Futures: Dreams on Paper (Art curator, producer)

2017 Tetsuo Leo Orii interview for Sampaguita and Gold Button (Producer)

Fabrianne at the TIU Theater with Japanese kumi-daiko artist group Utsuwa in early 2018.

Music is almost always involved in contemporary art practices and creative processes. Listen to Fabrianne's studio's daily consumption on Spotify.