Hindsight is 20/20

(2020) A group exhibition featuring works by artists 1111, Alfonso Recto, Analee Angeles, Bea Policarpio, Chino Carlo, Ian Inoy, Ina Jardiolin, Ireland Jill, Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo, Jane Cuevas, Janroe Cabiles, Mara Fabella, Mariel Garcia, Nasser Lubay, Summer de Guia, Sunshine Teodoro and Marika Callangan of Woman, Create.⁠

The arrival of a pandemic reminded us of our fragility and our need for human connection. We found ourselves in an era of great transformation, striving to endure the unknown. In hindsight, we were taking many things for granted, and isolation has given us the chance we need to reflect.

Hindsight is 20/20 is a collection of artwork pondering on the exhibiting artists’ actions in retrospect; glimpses into their realizations during the stricter quarantine period between March to May 2020, their thoughts concerning the turbulent present and their resolution on dealing with the uncertain future. Each of the artists experienced considerable changes in their day to day lives particularly in their artistic processes. The collection explores themes of self-discovery and interconnectedness in the time of isolation.