Introspective Playground
(2019) A solo exhibition featuring works by Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo

In Introspective Playground, Isabel Barredo - Del Mundo gives us a look into her once private creative passions — drawing and painting. Devoting her time in these charming works of art has always been the manner by which she examines her own thoughts and feelings. Included in Isabel's first solo show are paintings full of surreal female imagery, symbols that may challenge the notions of gender identities and the feminine body. The entirety of this collection speaks about how much the artist is inspired by the mid-century retro style and how her work is strongly influenced by the grace of women.

•• • ••

Isabel Barredo-Del Mundo (b. 1993) is a visual artist recognized for her quirky introspective paintings. Her body of work depicts women in a surreal mix of dramatic imagery, juxtaposed in bizarre ways giving it an eccentric appeal. With her signature illustration-like paintings on canvases in mid-century modern aesthetic, it’s no surprise that her visual style attracted avid collectors that include several interior designers and celebrities in the country. Isabel is a registered nurse, self-taught furniture designer, and painter. When she’s not painting, she runs Casa Martin, a resort overlooking Laguna de Bay. She is currently based in Rizal with her husband, Dave.