Electric Youth

(2020) A group exhibition featuring works by Zar 0270501, Astrud Moscoso, CabNov, Ciara Gan, Elie Quial, Fitz Herrera, Ivy Pangilinan, Jeanne Rose Gomez, John Magnus, Juert Asejo, Kankan Ramos, Karren Lopez, Lhean Storm, Pat Frades, and Paulu Bruselas.⁠

Everything in the universe is made up of vibrating energy—celestial bodies, the air we breathe, the water we drink, the plants, the animals, and even us humans.

What brought about Electric Youth is the exploration of the idea that our minds, our thoughts are so strong that whatever we think affects how we are and how we deal with certain situations. What we do about those thoughts sends out energy and creates ripples that affect everything around us. If we look at the world in that sense and attempt to change our mindset to be able to adapt to this world that we're living in now, there are innate, youthful traits that we already have that we can harness.

If each individual’s thoughts send out "vibrations" to the cosmos, if whatever energy we put out affects the harmony of everything around us, would it then be logical to believe that changing the way we think also changes how we experience life?

Electric Youth is a collection of vibrant, feel-good pieces attempting to weave together introspective narratives and stories of each exhibiting artist on what it takes to truly thrive in this era. Electric Youth examines notions of youthful resilience, continuously moving forward, and the philosophy of creating viral positive energy through art.

The title Electric Youth came from the 80's song by Debbie Gibson. The curator's note for this exhibition was written with this playlist on repeat.

Abstract artist Juert Asejo contemporary art in the Philippines

Juert Asejo’s The Beauty of Destruction No. 49 (2020)
24 x 36 inches, oil on wood pannel

Artist Astrud Moscoso contemporary art in the Philippines

Astrud Moscoso's Overwhelming Emotions (2019)⁠
48 x 48 inches, acrylic on canvas⁠

Abstract artist Ivy Pangilinan contemporary art in the Philippines

Ivy Pangilinan's I've Always Felt Like a Butterfly (2020)⁠
32 x 38 inches, mixed media on canvas