Mutant Upgrade
(2018) A solo exhibition featuring works by Bryan Reynald Antonio "HUMBLY"

In Mutant Upgrade, Humbly created a collection of bold canvas pieces exploring the imagery of mutation possibilities caused by technology taking over humanity. Using his very distinct visual style influenced by street art and comic books, Humbly attempted to show social commentaries on excessive technology-aided plastic surgery, social media addiction, and genetically modified food among others.

This collection is about the techno-synergistic mutation of man. It takes a closer look at human's dichotomous relationship with technology. An undulating dance across the baseline between friend and enemy, abetment and shackle, creating a constant, turbulent evolution of character and identity.

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Bryan Reynald Antonio or “HUMBLY” (b. 1987) is a self-taught contemporary artist from Manila. His body of work consists of murals, canvas pieces, and art objects probing into commentaries on various societal issues using fictional characters he created, like KR-8a tin robot with a big brain enclosed in a shiny glass dome. His visual style is strongly influenced by comic books, science fiction, toys, and superheroes.

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