Artists & influencer relations

ZenART Luminaries is a special influencer program crafted to build solid relationships with selected artists who genuinely love ZenART London's art products and are happy to share their experiences with their vibrant audience. From the planning, research, initial approach, filtering, and daily communications to building and retaining lasting relationships, Fabrianne served as the artists' point of contact.

artist relations by contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales

ASPACE Asia, Kanto Artist-Run Space, and TIU Theater, Manila Fabrianne sourced and scouted artists and groups for connections and possible projects, curated and programmed art exhibitions and events with artists across multi-art forms while building, maintaining relationships, and planning for future collaborations.

contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales at ASPACE
contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales with abstract artists at Kanto

Women's Month 2018 was celebrated at Kanto through an all-women live art battle with VS Mode Art Battle Manila. Artists who competed were abstract artists 1111, Lheanstorm, Arco Iris, and muralist Angge Lorente.