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Theodora Augusta Lionti: Modern Renaissance and Contemporary Elements

"Theodora Augusta Lionti is a young artist whose body of work comprises striking modern Renaissance aesthetics-inspired nude portraits with idealized and beautifully proportioned bodies. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, her work often depicts charming bejeweled and modernized Greek mythological characters rendered on big canvases."

Fabrianne Morales interviewed and wrote a detailed feature about the lovely Greek contemporary artist Theodora Lionti.

Greek contemporary artist Theodora Augusta Lionti

Charlie O'Shields: The Inner Child, Doodlewash, and World Watercolor Month

Fabrianne Morales interviewed creative director, and World Watercolor Month founder, Charlie O'Shields for this in-depth feature.

"It's not surprising with two imaginative parents that the gift of creativity would be passed through Charlie. At a young age, he wore many artistic hats. He was a professional actor, a singer, a playwright, and a set designer. On top of all his creative pursuits, Charlie also designed his own costumes for all his performances. With the help of his talented mother, Marlene collaborated with her son to bring all Charlie's designs to life."

World Watercolor Month founder Charlie O'Shields

Sara Berrenson: On Hand-Painted Designs and Being an Artist Entrepreneur

Fabrianne Morales interviewed visual artist, surface designer, and author of Watercolor the Easy Way, Sara Berrenson for this insightful feature.

"Sara is passionate about painting and hopes to inspire others to discover the joy of painting with watercolor. So in 2020, on top of creating art and designing for her own brand, Sara published her first art book Watercolor the Easy Way #1. The book includes 50 step-by-step tutorials on different motifs."

Artist and designer Sara Berrenson