Social media & production

Abstract artist 1111 interviewed by contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales

Fabrianne contributed to the production of content and live coverage of events, writing copy, and directing the entire arts program - music, film, contemporary, and performance art events of ASPACE Manila + Cebu (now called Astbury) from November 2018 to August 2020. See ASPACE Asia's IG account for an example.

Social media copy by art curator Fabrianne Morales

Fabrianne served as the chief curator and editor-in-chief of Arts Talk PH, a platform for artists and art collectors. She was in charge of all written content - web and social media copy, art curation, art exhibition concept and planning, plus working directly with artists to execute exhibitions and produce content. See Arts Talk PH's IG account for more details.

On top of running day-to-day operations, Fabrianne also contributed to public and media relations work, producing content, covering events, writing copy for all promotional materials as well as managing the social media accounts of both Kanto Artist-Run Space & TIU Theater from January 2017 to October 2018.

Contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales on stage with Japanese artist group Utsuwa