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Other than art curatorial projects-related texts, Fabrianne also writes arts and lifestyle articles and blog posts. Below are examples of features written about contemporary artists as well as articles that delve into historically relevant art personalities and paintings across the millennia.

Theodora Augusta Lionti: Modern Renaissance and Contemporary Elements

Fabrianne Morales interviewed and wrote a detailed feature about the lovely Greek contemporary artist Theodora Lionti.

"Leeds loves red. The lovely scarlet city became home for Theodora for some years. It was an "eye-opening" experience for her to be exposed to contemporary and sometimes more conceptual art. Since she's been used to all the graceful mythology and history-inspired classical art in Greece, this was a new side of the art world for her.

Prior to attending Leeds, Theodora completed her foundations in visual art at the Plakas Arts Centre in Athens. There she found a great mentor who believed in her. This mentor instructed her on an in-depth practice of different techniques using a whole range of mediums."

Mythology inspired art of Theodora Augusta Lionti

Charlie O'Shields: The Inner Child, Doodlewash, and World Watercolor Month

Fabrianne Morales interviewed creative director, and World Watercolor Month founder, Charlie O'Shields for this in-depth feature.

"Charlie O'Shields is known as the host of the Sketching Stuff podcast, for creating Doodlewash, a global art community or 'playhouse' as he likes to call it. Furthermore, Charlie established World Watercolor Month, a non-profit event held every year in July. World Watercolor Month aims to bring together watercolor artists and enthusiasts for a month-long celebration of watercolor and other water media...

At a young age, he wore many artistic hats. He was a professional actor, a singer, a playwright, and a set designer. On top of all his creative pursuits, Charlie also designed his own costumes for all his performances."

World Watercolor Month founder Charlie O'Shields

Valentina Scagnolari: Colorful Tutorials, Pink Windows and the Fantasvale Art Lab

Fabrianne Morales interviewed Italian visual artist, art teacher, and author of People - La Vita Secondo Gatto (People - Life as a Cat) for this insightful feature.

"Her piece Il Grande Vecchio dall'Aspetto di Tricheco was selected to be exhibited in the 26th edition of the Sarmede Exhibition of Illustrations in 2008 under the beginner's category. The rest is history.

When YouTube took Italy by storm, many who jumped on the bandwagon were channels devoted to make-up. Upon realizing that there was not a single Italy-based art channel in existence, Valentina decided to start one. In 2009, whilst aiming to simply share her art practice, she started Fantasvale Art Lab."

Fantasvale Art Lab founder Valentina Scagnolari

Seascape Painting Ideas to Inspire Your Next Project

Fabrianne did some research and wrote about painting ideas inspired by iconic seascape paintings in history.

Ground Swell (1939) by Edward Hopper, oil on canvas. National Gallery of Art

"American artist Edward Hopper is generally known for his sun-bleached landscapes, deserted cityscapes, and paintings of people in eerie, disconnected urban scenes. His subjects are often depicted as lost in thought further capturing the loneliness and the alienation of modern life. Thus, in this particular seascape painting, the same disconnectedness seems to exude from these characters despite the sunny, happy palette."

Ground Swell painting by Edward Hopper

Leonardo Da Vinci: Famous Portraits and Curious Facts About the Life of the Great Polymath

Fabrianne did some research and wrote about the greatest polymath in history.

"Leonardo da Vinci is one of the greatest painters of all time, and one, if not the greatest figure of the Renaissance period. He was a thinker way ahead of his time. Driven by the strong urge to quench his curiosity as well as to gain as much knowledge by study and practice, Leonardo became a master in various occupations - as an anatomist, architect, engineer, scientist, inventor, geologist, cartographer, sculptor, and painter. Today, he is known to be the ideal "Renaissance Man" and the genius behind the widely considered most expensive painting in the world, the Mona Lisa."

Renaissance period painter Leonardo Da Vinci

J.M.W. Turner: Curious Facts About the Life and Career of the Most-Loved English Artist

Fabrianne did some research and wrote about England's favorite painter.

JMW Turner was an English artist and a Royal Academician. He is noted for his body of work that depicted the visual proof of the unfolding Industrial Revolution in England. He created a whole new kind of art that depicted nature whilst injecting the wonders of science and invention. Combined with his depictions of nature, he started painting something that the experts call the Industrial Sublime.

Turner is the first and only artist to grace a United Kingdom banknote."

England's favorite painter JMW Turner

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Copy written by contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales

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Press release written by contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales

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quirky web copy written by contemporary art curator Fabrianne Morales